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We started the company to introduce a better way to transact property. For estate agents using the Goodlord app, all necessary documents are generated and processed electronically, significantly minimising the time, cost, and effort usually required to complete the administrative steps.

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Our Mission


Goodlord is the best way to transact property. We want to help agents, landlords and tenants by bringing them all together online with our software and processing all the paperwork electronically.

Richard White - Co-founder and CEO

48 hrs

Average end to end deal time


Happy landlords and tenants


Tenancies processed


Money processed

The Goodlord Team

Senior Management



CEO and Co-Founder

Richard used to work at one of the fastest growing and profitable agencies in the UK. He hates bad suits but loves dogs.



Chief Operating Officer and Co-F

Coming from an economics and accounting background, Tom enjoys breaking down numbers. He knows a lot about what goes into making a good cup of coffee and he loves cycling.



Chief Technical Officer

Like many of his ilk, Andrew is a maker. Hailing from the land of the crocodile hunter, when not writing software or modelling sweaters, Andrew builds wooden boats.



Director of Operations

The svelte Swede, meticulously minded, data driven; the man with the prancing poodle!

Customer Acquisition & Business Development



Head of Customer Acquisition and

Before he joined Goodlord, Ross used to use Goodlord whilst working as an estate agent. Now, he’s converting people to Goodlordism. Not only does he know how to make good Cornish pasties, but he also has a talent for riding bulls (a mechanical one, no worries).



Emerging Customer Acquisition Te

Ed loves nothing more than streamlining lettings agents' administration processes. The few hours a week he's not doing this, find him at a gig, playing sports, or knee deep in cheese.

Rosie Round.jpg


Enterprise Sales Consultant

Rosie builds partnerships with the largest and most complex letting agents in the UK. She is responsible for introducing Goodlord, educating prospective clients and building implementation plans that drive efficiency and cost savings for the industry's most prestigious brands.

Anthony Round.jpg


Enterprise Business Development

Anthony specialises with the industry's most prestigious brands to enhance our clients' business objectives. His main focus is to develop relationships with professionals and create proposals to expand Goodlord's portfolio.



Commercial Sales Consultant

When he's not eating out or enjoying the odd trip to the pub, Chetan uses his 8 years of sales and business development experience to help Goodlord grow.

TomG_round (1).jpg


Emerging Sales Consultant

Before deciding to change the world with Goodlord, Tom worked in a large independent agency in West London. He loves secret pizza, cycling and doing back-flips on skis. Oh, and he's got a great joke about a tractor...



Business Development Rep

Patrick is a lover of all things tech and new, hence why he joined the Goodlord family to help spread the word. He is also obsessed with food but at a distinct disadvantage in that arena as he cannot cook to save his life.



Business Development Rep

Fraser had a spell working on a sports app and selling imported Mexican fashion before joining the Business Development team at Goodlord. For fun, he loves playing football, hearing live music and travelling.


Emily Round.jpg


Commercial Success Champion

Emily works in Customer Success, ensuring the Goodlord vision becomes reality through a smooth implementation and adoption journey. She's a brunch, cities and tap dancing enthusiast and is enjoying the startup world immensely!



Success Champion

After studying the eclectic combination of biology and Japanese, Phil has now turned his focus to ensuring our agencies from the West Country up to the Yorkshire Dales have the best possible experience they can helping their own businesses and Goodlord grow together.



Success Champion

This football mad globetrotter likely owes most of his career success to the fact that he can charm clients using his cheeky Pun King superpowers.

Jaz Round.jpg


Success Champion

Sitting a Masters in Real Estate & Property Management, the passion for property runs through her veins! With adventures as a trainee surveyor, residential and commercial administrator and property manager she decided to join Goodlord and disrupt the industry she loves.

Toby Round.jpg


Configuration Project Manager

Dedicated to food, travels, Goodlord and... food. After returning home from globetrotting he is excited to to continue the fun with Goodlord.


Christa Round.jpg


Marketing Manager

Yet another Canadian calling Goodlord home... when she's not drinking Maple Syrup from the bottle, you can find her running, cooking or petting strangers dogs.



Marketing Executive

This Californian-Canadian-Filipino-Egyptian likes to hit the gym, cook, and sing/play guitar when she's not scolding people for using Comic Sans. There are few problems that can't be solved by a good ale and cheese (except for Donald Trump).




Product Manager

Trading in the great white north for the big smoke, Tristan now enjoys the benefits of living in one of the world's most exciting cities! Heading the research department, the Vancouverite is excited to work in an environment that welcomes input from all sources and acts fast on new ideas.

Stuart Round.jpg


Mobile Developer

After many years working for Investment Banks in the City, Stu decided to take the risk and pursue his dream job of becoming a mobile developer. He’s fallen in love with the startup life and has never looked back!

Richard.Ashworth Round.jpg


Software Engineer

With a background in implementing risk systems for Investment Banks, Rich is now loving the startup life, and is excited about building the next version of Goodlord's platform. He loves guitars, cycling and travel.

Stephen Round.jpg


Software Engineer

After honing his skills building the systems that power Ocado's hi-tech warehouses, Stephen joined Goodlord looking for a more dynamic, start-up environment. Outside work he's mad about cycling, travelling the world and building things (out of wood as well as code).



Front End Developer

Having taught himself to code whilst graduating as a civil engineer and after a stint working as a research analyst in asset management, Harry joined the Goodlord engineering team. When he’s not building awesome web apps he enjoys riding bicycles long distances and exploring the alpine backcountry on skis.



Front End Developer

With a background in audio, film and design, Joseph helps create Goodlord's user interface. He loves playing table tennis and keeps zen with regular yoga practise.




Head of People

Hannah hails from a small North Yorkshire town, and joined Goodlord to look after its best asset - the amazing people in the team! In pre-Goodlord life, she studied law at Cambridge before deciding that startups were more her bag. Also, she is a rainbow unicorn.

Maggie Round.jpg


People Person

When she's not singing along to a good tune or dashing off to Pizza Express, this California girl is enabling and supporting Goodlordians to do their best work. She does this through resource management, and employee training and development.



Talent Manager

Jenna is a people person and team builder extraordinaire. This is her 3rd start-up experience and by far the most exciting (and fun!) for her. No two days are ever the same and that's just the way she likes it!



Talent Executive

A Texas girl who has flown across the pond to move to the UK. Passions include puppies and Mexican food.

Lauren Jade.jpg


Engineering/Product Talent

LJ is loving the start up life after working in agency tech recruitment for 2 years since graduating in Dublin. Outside of Goodlord, she loves playing hockey, travelling and sloths...

Franchesca Round.jpg


Office Manager

When she's not spending her time between Bahrain and Spain where her roots lie, Franchesca keeps the Goodlord cave buzzing at all times with beats, beers and food. She has many talents, but her best is knitting glow in the dark scarves.


Ricardo Round.jpg


Support Team Lead

After he made the big leap from Utah corporate life, Ricardo can usually be found chasing office pups around on a light-up skateboard.

Sam.Cheung Round.jpg


Senior Support Hero

Hailing originally from the green countryside of Northern Ireland, Sam moved to London to get a taste of the city life. He did his bachelor degree in Kingston followed by a Masters in UCL before nestling himself as a Goodlordian and working the good magic!



Support Hero

Frankie graduated from SOAS with a Master's in International Politics, so the logical step for her was obviously to join an awesome start-up! She is honing her skills and loving life at Goodlord!



Support Hero

This Dutch damsel also has a hint of Essex about her. She enjoys puppies, whiskey and anything in between - she fits into Goodlord perfectly.

Natalie Round.jpg


Contracts Specialist

Natalie came to Goodlord after finishing her Masters degree in Literature at Sheffield. She enjoys fencing and going to the gym to balance out all of the cakes she bakes.


Kat Round.jpg


Referencing Lead

When she's not loving life in the office, she is eating, exploring, crossfitting, running or hanging with the BF & friends.



Referencing Superstar

Coming from a Masters in Physics, she's used to reaching for the stars. Startup life was the perfect match for entering into an exciting career.



Referencing Superstar

A Goldsmith's graduate who decided to put her degree in Psychology and post grad in Humanistic Counselling to good use by working in television production for most of her working life. When she is not in the office you can find her running marathons and ultras, with the occasional triathlon thrown in. Currently also studying to become a personal trainer, her down time is spent drinking wine and cocktails, and counting them towards her five-a-day.

Ali Round.jpg


Referencing Superstar

Being a key member of the referencing team means the oversight of obtaining references, the amazing opportunity to manage large teams, and a full-on experience in the operational and technical side of making Goodlord more efficient.



Referencing Superstar

Working within Referencing, Josh works with his team of ‘Boosters’ to achieve the Goodlord Gold Standard of referencing for our Goodlordian clients. Outside of the Referencing Department, Josh enjoys making cocktails, learning French, and sampling all that London has to offer.

Trusted Advisors




Inventor, marathon runner, retired programmer, hand-balancer, entrepreneur, lock-picker, designer... so far.

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