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At Goodlord, we are extremely proud of our tech team.

They help us to stand up and deliver consistently, and are a great bunch to be a part of too. We are very proud of our team of software engineers, and wanted to design a page to highlight the minds behind our platform.

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The four cultural boundaries of Goodlord’s tech team


Delivering is why we get out of bed in the mornings. We are a team that delivers high quality, value adding functionality to our customers, often and predictably.


When something needs to be done, we do it. We don’t ask, or wait, for permission. We set clear objectives and provide learning opportunities so that everyone has the clarity and competence to take action on their own.


We want everybody to focus on objectives that will help them to get better at their career whilst being here at Goodlord. This may include starting a book club, or learning a new language that we do or do not use at Goodlord.


Everyone should feel comfortable all the time. Everyone deserves to be treated equally, fairly and with respect. Even when we disagree with each other we do it in a way that makes it clear that it’s about the idea not the person.

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"One of the most unique things about working at Goodlord is that it really pushes its employees to fulfil their potential. The culture is steeped in personal development and the entrepreneurial spirit of the organisation's employees make it such a fun and exciting place to work, with no two days presenting the same problems needing solving."
Ali Venerandi
Product Manager