Deposit Replacement Insurance


Offer your tenants and landlords more ways to rent

Give your landlords up to 60% more protection than a traditional deposit scheme and help your tenants move into a property more quickly - providing a benefit to both of your customer segments with just one product.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
Deposit replacement insurance from Goodlord


Nil excess

Claims covered up to the equivalent value of 1.5 months or 2 months

Covers any breach of the tenancy agreement

Covers damage to property, dilapidations, and cleaning, if the property has been left in an unfit state

Applicable to all tenants that pass referencing or tenants that provide an applicable guarantor

Claims paid out within 30 days if there is no dispute with the tenant

Key features

More protection for your landords


Offer 1.5 to 2 months' protection to your landlords, instead of the usual five to six weeks from a traditional deposit. Tenants would still liable for any breach in their tenancy agreement and must pass referencing to be eligible for this service - ensuring your landlords have extra peace of mind.

Faster move-ins


Your tenants can move in faster when paying the smaller one-off fee for a Deposit Replacement service instead of the large sum involved in a traditional deposit. You’ll reduce the amount of time a property could be vacant and save your landlord money.

Fair, comprehensive and independent claims process


Our independent and impartial third-party adjudicators will review claims and disputes and determine the outcome.

A deposit alternative you control


Our product is white labeled and owned by you, the agent, providing you with control and oversight - tenants can’t cancel the service without your agreement.

Generate revenue on each policy sold


You’ll benefit from every Deposit Replacement Scheme you activate for your tenants. They’ll receive an additional service option from you, enhancing their customer experience, and you’ll generate a new revenue stream.

If it wasn't for Goodlord we wouldn't be offering insurance services. Goodlord has made it easy for us. Everything’s on one platform, and the policies offered are second to none.

Alex Chapman - Anthony Lettings

Alex Chapman

Frequently asked questions

Check out our blog for an explanation about what these schemes mean for agents, tenants and landlords.

No. You must provide tenants with a traditional deposit scheme as standard. The Deposit Replacement scheme can only be offered as an alternative to a traditional deposit scheme, not in place of.

If the claim is undisputed, the claim will be paid out within 30 days. If it’s disputed by the tenant, it’ll be referred to our independent claims specialists who’ll manage the resolution process.

As it’s the agent taking out the policy, the policy will be in the agent’s name.

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