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Activate Goodlord Switch today to earn commission while providing your tenants a best-in-class service and the chance to move to a clean energy provider - and we’ll update their local council and water suppliers before they move in too.

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Get rewarded with Goodlord Switch


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Goodlord Switch offers a full void period management and utility switching service. We’ll take care of the change of occupancy for council tax and water at the end of a tenancy, the move from one tenant to another and the void period in between - saving around 30 minutes per tenancy in admin time. Simply let us know when the property will become vacant.

Flexible void management for your landlord


Manage your Goodlord Switch preference on each property or across the board at the click of a button to easily set up void management from the property vacancy date you give. For credit meters, we even cover up to 45 days standing charge, to cut down on your void management admin.

Bills managed from day one


We ensure tenants are responsible for their utility bills from day one, so your landlord or business never receives any unexpected or large bills - and we’ll double check that the switch has taken place so you’re never overcharged.

An easy switch for tenants


At the click of a button, you can give your tenants the option of a clean energy provider, just before signing their tenancy agreement. The seamless service offered at the right time in their pre-tenancy journey means that Goodlord Switch has a market-leading conversion rate, so you can earn more commission on every let.

Did you know that your tenants can also benefit from great deals and offers through Goodlord?

As part of the tenant journey, they will have access to deals with Virgin Media, Sky, and many more to help them in the move-in process. They can follow the links in their tenant hub on our platform and set it up themselves - while you sit back and earn extra revenue for every option purchased.

We make full use of Goodlord, for doing our referencing, all of our signatures, insurance policies, Goodlord Switch - we're sold on everything that Goodlord is able to offer us because of the fantastic job that it does.

Tim Leffler - Ezytac Property Group

Tim Leffler

Frequently asked questions

You need to have Goodlord Switch available to you which you can request on set-up of your account or through your customer success manager. Once this has been done, you can activate Goodlord Switch on any tenancy at the click of a button - you’ll just need to provide a vacancy date for the property.

We'll manage the void period between tenancies including switching utilities, water and council tax and subsequently moving these details over to the new tenant once they've moved in.

ScottishPower is Goodlord’s void period provider for energy. Octopus Energy is the supplier when void period management is not required on a property.

No - if you have Goodlord Switch activated on a tenancy, your tenant can choose whether to set up their energy provider on the platform. If you’ve used Goodlord Switch to manage the void period, your tenant can request their utilities to be switched to their preferred provider once they’ve moved in.

We can only complete the change of occupier when a tenant moves out if you give us the vacancy date - without it we won’t be able to inform the council, water company, or energy companies of the new details.

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