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Get rewarded when your tenants use Goodlord Switch

Activate Goodlord Switch today to earn commission whilst providing your tenants a best-in-class service.

Goodlord Switch

Offer your tenants the option to move to a clean energy provider and we’ll update their local council and water suppliers before they move in too.

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Media services and energy

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Get rid of the admin

Goodlord Switch offers a full void period management and utility switching service. We’ll take care of the change of occupancy details at the end of a tenancy, the move from one tenant to another and the void period in between. See you later, admin!

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A step above the rest

When you activate Goodlord Switch on your tenancies, your tenants are presented with the option to set-up their utilities right after they have signed their tenancy agreement. It’s the perfect time to get their admin sorted pre-move in and means you can benefit from strong conversions like no other.

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Make the switch

Activating Goodlord Switch on a property is easy, and you can add it to all of your tenancies to give you the best opportunity to benefit from the commissions that we’ll reward you with.

Frequently asked questions

You need to have Goodlord Switch available to you which you can request on set-up of your account or through your customer success manager. Once this has been done, you can activate Goodlord Switch on any tenancy at the click of a button.

We'll manage the void period between tenancies including switching utilities, water and council tax and subsequently moving these details over to the new tenant once they've moved in.

No, if you have Goodlord Switch activated on a tenancy and the tenant doesn't want to use Octopus Energy, they can request that their utilities are switched to their preferred provider once they have moved in.

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