Utility switching and void management


Avoid the stress of void periods

Your agent can choose to partner with Goodlord to manage your property’s utility bills in the most efficient way possible during your void period - to reduce your costs and get rid of extra admin.

Reach out to your letting agent for more information about Goodlord Switch and its benefits to you.

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Get rewarded with Goodlord Switch

Key features

No admin


Goodlord’s market-leading technology will automatically transfer the energy supply, council tax and water for the property to you on the vacancy date (or to your agency, if they’ve selected this option). You’ll no longer need to liaise with different suppliers and the council to ensure your vacant property is being managed correctly.

No unexpected bills


On credit meters, you’ll be covered for up to 45 days standing charge on the energy supply and Goodlord will automatically switch council tax, water and energy into your new tenant’s name on their move-in day, so you’ll get no unexpected bills.

Cloud-based tracking


All communication and activities are logged by Goodlord and recorded in a secure, digital paper trail, in case you ever need your agent to access it. 


We make full use of Goodlord, for doing our referencing, all of our signatures, insurance policies, Goodlord Switch - we're sold on everything that Goodlord is able to offer us because of the fantastic job that it does.

Tim Leffler - Ezytrac Property Group

Tim Leffler

Frequently asked questions

If your agent has turned Goodlord Switch on for your property and has added a vacancy date, you’ll receive an email informing you of the switch and its benefits.

No. In the first email that you receive, as well as an explanation of all the benefits, you’ll see the option to opt out of the service if you want.

Your agent will be able to talk to you about this service and include it in your terms of business. You’ll also get a reminder when each property is submitted to use this service, in case you change your mind.