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How to win in the new normal

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Our latest Rental Index shows that the lettings industry has bounced back (with some areas facing unprecedented demand). Therefore we're moving our resources back onto our main blog and this page will no longer be updated.

NEW How letting agents can collaborate to "grow and grow together"

29 June 2020

Charles David Casson plans to establish an agency network to share resources and expertise, and encourage collaboration in lettings - so the industry can survive and grow. Read the blog

NEW Why building strong virtual foundations is key to a sturdy lettings outlook

24 June 2020

Virtual viewings, online contract signing, and digital identity verification became the norm for many letting and estate agents during lockdown and many of the changes could be here to stay. Read the blog

NEW Meet your landlords' expectations by asking what they expect, says this agency

22 June 2020

The best way to understand your landlords is to ask them what they expect from you, so you can better adapt your services to meet their needs, says Michael Poole Estate Agents. Read the blog

Why agencies should rethink their service offering after the pandemic

17 June 2020

Customers needs and expectations will likely be altered forever by the pandemic. This extract from How to win in the new normal looks at how agencies could rethink their service offering to make sure they're meeting the needs of their landlords and tenants in the post-lockdown period. Read the blog

Meet the agency creating business sustainability through a virtual approach

15 June 2020

This lettings agency seized the chance to create virtual viewings on all properties before the lockdown - and now sees the virtual sphere as a way to move onwards and upwards. Read the blog

Four scenarios for the future and why your agency should plan for all of them

10 June 2020

In a highly uncertain environment, agencies will need to think differently about the future and plan for different scenarios. Goodlord lays out four versions of the future of the lettings industry in this excerpt from its e-book, How to win in the new normal. Read the blog

Meet the agency doing crisis training to "be there for the people first and foremost"

8 June 2020

Ensuring all senior managers are well-equipped to advise tenants on the financial support available was one measure this agency took to counter the impact of the coronavirus. Read the blog

Your guide to inspections, repairs and gas safety checks in the post-lockdown period

1 June 2020

Letting agents, landlords and contractors can now visit tenants’ homes to carry out a range of essential and non-essential work or maintenance, as long as they are following the guidance on working safely in people’s homes. Read the blog

"The lettings market hasn't gone away", says this agency

 27 May 2020

This Teesside-based agency has a positive outlook on the future of the lettings industry - and how it will emerge in a good position on the other side of the pandemic. Read the blog

Tenant Fees Act: Your guide to the end of the transition period

 26 May 2020

All assured shorthold tenancies, student accommodation, and licences to occupy housing in England will be subject to the Tenant Fees Act from 1 June 2020, regardless of when the tenancy agreement was originally entered into. Read the blog

Creative thinking needed to stay safe while managing house moves

 18 May 2020

Meet the agency that hasn't stopped letting throughout the pandemic, taking a creative approach to make sure its moves are always in line with the government's guidelines on social distancing. Read the blog

How to maintain social distancing in your agency

 18 May 2020

Social distancing will mean changes to how staff arrive and leave the office, how they move around the office or work at a desk, during meetings and break times, or interacting with customers. Read the guide

How to advise your tenants on looking for a property and moving home during COVID-19

 15 May 2020

Tenants will need to change the way carry out their property search, arrange flexible contracts, and manage their moves carefully to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Read the guide

Managing office visits, viewings, and check-ins while preventing the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19)

 14 May 2020

The restrictions on lettings activity have been lifted, but “this does not represent a return to normality”. Agencies will need to adapt their practices and procedures, from office visits through to check-in. Read the guide

How to carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment on your workplace

 13 May 2020

All employers will need to carry out a risk assessment before reopening their offices to ensure that their employees can work safely during coronavirus. Read the guide

Letting agencies allowed to reopen and house moves can resume

 13 May 2020

All buyers and renters will now be able to complete purchases and view properties in person, while estate agents, conveyancers and removals firms can return to work while following social distancing guidelines, confirmed the Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick. Read the blog

Government announces roadmap to transition out of lockdown

 11 May 2020

The UK government has shared an outline of its conditional roadmap to reopen society, based on satisfying five tests and following a new Covid Alert System. Read the blog

Curving towards acceptance: Peter Knight on timing your future plans right

 7 May 2020

The shock that businesses have experienced due to the pandemic can be likened to the Kübler-Ross stages of grief, says this leading estate agency coach - an analogy that can help your agency understand how to better adapt for the future. Read the blog

New loan scheme to help small businesses 'bounce back' from the pandemic

 6 May 2020

Small to medium-sized businesses - including many letting agencies - will be eligible to borrow between £2,000 to £50,000 under the government's Bounce Back Loan scheme. Read the guidance

NEW FREE E-BOOK: How to win in the new normal

 8 June 2020


Survive and thrive in the post-pandemic world with the new e-book for letting agents from Goodlord. Get your free e-book

NEW FREE POSTER: Show that you're COVID-19 compliant

 4 June 2020

COVID-19 compliant poster

Download and print your free poster and confirm you have complied with the government's guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19. Get your free poster

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: The Highly Effective Marketing Plan with Peter Knight

 12 May 2020

The Highly Effective Marketing plan with Peter Knight

Learn how to create a highly effective post-lockdown marketing plan with Property Academy’s Peter Knight. Watch the webinar

Managing missed rent and payment plans + templates

 22 April 2020

The coronavirus pandemic could affect the ability of some tenants to pay their rent during this time. We’ve put together a guide to help you manage this scenario, from assessing your tenants' financial situation to arranging a payment plan, including templates for you to use in your communications. Read the guide

NEW How to get to know your customers better and boost your agency's marketing

 4 June 2020

Boost your agency's marketing with buyer personas, content, and a more flexible approach, and start winning more business, says Goodlord's Head of Marketing Christa Bicego. Watch the video here.

Lessons and opportunities during COVID-19 that we've learned from the 2008 recession

 29 May 2020

Costas, Goodlord's Director of Sales, shares advice from agencies around the country on how they've applied what they learned from the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 to the coronavirus pandemic.

Three tips for keeping your team engaged while working from home

 11 May 2020

Lucy Dalglish, People Business Partner at Goodlord, shares her top three tips for keeping your team engaged while working from home.

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