Open product roadmap

What we're working on

A product roadmap is a plan of action for developing software products over time. This is what we're working on as of August 2019.

Last 3 months


What we've delivered

  • Increased meter reading functionalities for Goodlord Switch
  • Corporate Lets
  • Pre-qualification of tenants
  • Deposit Replacement - Version 1
  • In-app dashboarding
  • Browser notifications
  • Direct to Tenant Switch - Phase 1

Next 3 months


Near term

  • Monthly billing for RPI policies
  • Reference form saving progress
  • Agent can update referencing information
  • Direct to Tenant Switch - Phase 2
  • Improved tenant journey
  • Tenant offers and broadband/media in-app
  • New on-boarding process
  • Automate RPI processing
  • Improvements to referencing status updates
  • Improved payment handling

Next 6 months


Medium term

  • Secret project
  • Switch list view
  • Change of occupancy only for Switch
  • New referencing products