Open Product Roadmap

A product roadmap is a plan of action for developing software products over time.

What we're working on

As of MAY 2019

What we've delivered

Last 3 months


  • Universal Search 
  • EPC/Gas Safety expiry dates  
  • EPC/Gas Safety expiry alerts  
  • Updated Agent and Tenant Goodlord Switch Journeys 
  • Additional Clause Library MVP ✅
  • Goodlord/Sky Media & Broadband Pop-up ✅
  • Deposit Replacement MVP ✅
Near term

Next 3 months

Increase revenue

  • Increased Meter Reading functionalities for Goodlord Switch  
  • List workflow and status view for Goodlord Switch
  • Monthly billing for RPI policies
  • Corporate Lets  
  • Pre-Qualification of Tenants  
  • New Payment Method Beta
  • Deposit registration
  • Deposit Replacement Version 1  
  • In-app dashboarding
Medium term

3 - 6 months

Improve UK

  • Landlord’s Terms of Business
  • Reference form saving progress
  • Clause Library post-MVP
  • Increased Switch reporting, feedback, and statuses
  • Broadband beta
  • Agent can update referencing information

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