Open product roadmap

What we're working on

A product roadmap is a plan of action for developing software products over time. This is what we're working on as of January 2020.

Last 3 months


What we've delivered
  • Improvements to the tenant journey
  • Tenant offers and broadband/media displayed in-app
  • Referencing dashboard
  • Alternative referencing product
  • Improvements to in-app navigation
  • Banner for product notifications and announcements
  • Improvements to the in-app dashboard

Next 3 months

Our near term plans
  • Automated deposit registration
  • Ability to skip referencing for guarantor
  • Automated council and water notifications for all move-ins
  • Increases to Switch commissions via new supplier
  • Document store added to tenancy homepage
  • Improved visibility on Switch via the in-app dashboard
  • Improvements to management of insurance
  • Third party integrations

Next 6 months

Our medium term plans
  • New alternative deposit replacement products
  • Deposit registration
  • Landlord Terms of Business