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We stand up and deliver

Goodlordians get things done. Everyone has freedom and space to be creative and do what they do best, and takes full accountability for getting their job done.

The best thing about Goodlord is the people. It's great going into an environment full of intelligent, driven and fun people and is the difference between a good and a great office - each day is different. It's refreshing to feel part of a thought-leading and revolutionising company that genuinely helps people, where you're encouraged to take responsibility and grow personally and professionally.

Rob Cameron, Support Hero

We set the pace


Our ambition and desire to be thought-leaders and industry experts drive us to stay ahead of the game - not our job descriptions. We push boundaries, we shake things up and we aim to inspire.

The thing I love about Goodlord is the talented, energetic and positive people I work with everyday. I'm happiest when I am learning and collaborating with brilliant people and I'm lucky to constantly be inspired by the team around me.

Leah Ellis, Head of People

We're an open book

Transparency is key. We don’t have time for politics and there’s no red tape. We’re honest, we act with integrity and we respect one another. Weekly company-wide updates keep everyone in the loop and, if you want to find out what another team is working on, you’re welcome to jump into their meetings.

One of the most unique things about working at Goodlord is that it really pushes its employees to fulfil their potential. The culture is steeped in personal development and the entrepreneurial spirit of the organisation's employees make it such a fun and exciting place to work, with no two days presenting the same problems needing solving.

Ali Venerandi, Operations Project Manager

We bring our whole selves to work


Every Goodlordian brings something unique to the team - we’re open about our strengths, weaknesses and little quirks. We’re all in this together and leave our egos at the door.

As someone who recently transitioned from finance to tech, Goodlord was for me a new beginning, a safe place to learn and start my career. Every day I feel surrounded by a strong and friendly tech team who gives all the support to move on, learn new things and challenge myself.

Rafaela Silva, Software Engineer

We listen, learn and improve

We’re daring, we take risks and we are constantly striving to improve. We learn from our mistakes, share lessons to help us get better and welcome feedback from inside and outside the company.

Goodlord is a place where people grow professionally. I have seen more internal moves here than in any other company. On top of that, the progression framework in the engineering team definitely helps our personal development.

Enric Sangra, Tech Lead

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