Utility switching


Switch it up with Goodlord Switch

Your agency can choose to partner with Goodlord to make your move easier with our utility switching service, Goodlord Switch. This means you don't have to worry about switching your energy, water or council tax. We'll do it for you, saving you time and effort - and getting you one step closer to being move-in ready.

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Get rewarded with Goodlord Switch

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Switching utilities has never been easier

Use Goodlord Switch today to move to a clean electricity provider and update your local council and water suppliers with your details - all as part of your journey with Goodlord.

Key features

Guilt-free energy


We believe in offering tenants the best experience when they're moving into their property, and that's why we've partnered with a 100% clean electricity provider for a guilt-free option.

An uninterrupted supply


With Goodlord Switch, your energy supply can be set up from day one with no disruptions - one less thing on your moving home to-do list.

Water and council tax set up for you


We'll contact your local council and water supplier to let them know that you're the new resident of the property, so everything is moved into your name.

ScottishPower Switch Energy Provider

A hassle-free online process


Everything's easy to set up online. Once you've received your countersigned tenancy agreement, you'll just fill in your details on the Goodlord platform and then move on - to prepare for your move-in day.

Did you know that you can also benefit from other great deals and offers through Goodlord?

As part of your journey with Goodlord, you’ll have access to broadband and media deals, as well as other offers, to help you get move-in ready. You just need to follow the links in your homepage, on the Goodlord platform, to get set up.

Frequently asked questions

Our switching service is completely free, you’ll only pay for the energy tariff, water and council tax.

Before you move in, make sure you provide us with your direct debit details when prompted so your account is all ready to go when your tenancy starts.

You're welcome to use any energy provider you wish to. We won't be offended if you decide to use an alternative.

You will receive an email on or around your move-in confirming your switch is going ahead. You’ll also get reminders such as entering meter readings, and regular bills.

We send emails to both the council and water companies, around once a week for four weeks. Most councils and water companies will set you up automatically after this, but if you see that you are still not getting the bills in your name, you may have to reach out to them to confirm the set-up.