Utility switching

Utility switching from Goodlord

It's moving time

Your agency has chosen to partner with Goodlord to make your move easier with Goodlord Switch.

This means you don't have to worry about switching your energy, water or council tax - we'll do it for you.

Simple as that - you're one step closer to making your new pad feel like home.

Goodlord Switch

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Utility switching with Goodlord

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Switching utilities has never been easier

Use Goodlord Switch today to move to a clean energy provider and update your local council and water suppliers with your details.

Octopus Energy


Which? Recommended providerWe believe in offering our tenants the best experience when they're moving into their property, and that's why we've partnered with Octopus Energy to bring you clean energy that's ready to go when you move in.

Water and council tax


We'll contact your local council and water supplier to let them know that you're the new resident of the property so everything is moved into your name.

Frequently asked questions

Our switching service is completely free, you only pay for the energy tariff, water and council tax.

Before you move in make sure you provide us with your direct debit details so that your account is all ready to go when your tenancy starts.

You're welcome to use any energy provider you wish to. We won't be offended if you decide to use an alternative.

Octopus Energy will email you on or around your move-in date asking you to set up an account with them and will include standard reminders such as setting up direct debit details, and entering meter readings.

We send emails to both the council and water companies, once a week for four weeks. Most councils and water companies will set you up automatically after this, but if you see that you are still not getting the bills in your name you may have to reach out to them to confirm the set-up.