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Tenant referencing


Accept your tenants with confidence


Our referencing team is made up of some of the best in the industry, with an efficient process and leading bank-grade technology solutions that provide a comprehensive overview of your prospective tenants.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
Tenant referencing from Goodlord

Key features

Tenant referencing from Goodlord

Referencing you can trust


You can take confidence in our comprehensive process, which checks your tenant against four criteria: credit, residential history, identification, and income and affordability.

A seamless journey with an in-house team


Unlike other referencing providers, our team is in-house, to provide your tenants with a smooth journey. Our wealth of experience means we’re able to turn your references around quickly - and we’re on hand if you or your agent have any questions.

Fast turnaround


We’ll manage the whole referencing process on behalf of your agent, using new technology solutions such as open banking and digital identity authentication to speed up the process - so your agent can focus on getting your home ready for potential tenants to move in.

Pre-qualification to save time


Your agent can pre-qualify your tenants at any point in the tenancy journey. Our pre-qualification tool is aligned with our referencing criteria, so you have an insight into the applicant's suitability before the tenancy progresses - meaning no time is wasted in finding your new tenant.

Transparent tracking


Goodlord Referencing is available on the Goodlord platform, making it easy for your agent to keep you updated on the progress of each reference.

Frequently asked questions

Goodlord uses open banking to get your references back to you and your agent quickly - and securely. If your applicant chooses to connect their online bank accounts using open banking, we’ll be able to see their recurring income and rent payments, to get them assessed as fast as possible. Find out more

Goodlord referencing uses an AI solution to create an online identity verification experience for your tenants - and to speed up the referencing process for you. The technology matches the photo in the identity documents to facial biometrics in the selfie requested, to validate the documents quickly and efficiently.  Find out more.

Student applicants follow the full Goodlord referencing journey but may receive a conditional pass on income criteria. This means they may require a guarantor to support their application. Any guarantors will then follow a similar referencing journey to the tenants, on the Goodlord Platform. Find out more