Rent Protection & Legal Expenses Service

Protect your investment

When it comes to protecting your investment, comprehensive and rigorous coverage can help you get your property back without incurring huge legal costs. Best of all, you continue to benefit from rental payments until vacant possession, meaning no loss of income to you as a landlord.

Through Goodlord’s partnership with your letting agent, the award-winning experts in property protection are here to support you with an exclusive Rent Protection and Legal Expenses Service that you can’t get anywhere else on the market.

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Rent Protection
Protection if the tenant doesn’t pay their rent.

Rent Recovery
We’ll pursue tenants on your behalf to recover outstanding rent from them.

Eviction of tenants or squatters
Tenants who can’t meet the requirements of their tenancy agreement or squatters who are living in your landlord’s property without their consent will be evicted - and we’ll manage the legal proceedings.

Property damage
Legal cover to pursue tenants for damage to the property of over £1,000.

The total amount payable in the event of a claim.

Contract disputes
Cost and expenses for a dispute with a party whom you have a direct contractual relationship with.

Terms and conditions apply, always read the policy wording

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An insurance policy you can trust


We partner with DAS Insurance UK to underwrite our insurance policy. DAS has been giving customers legal help for over 40 years, and became one of the pioneers in the United Kingdom for legal expenses cover - meaning you can take confidence in your choice of provider.


We use Goodlord Rent Protection and Legal Expenses Insurance. The main worry for landlords is property damage, rent arrears and having to pay for evictions - so this service reassures them.

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Frequently asked questions

We’ve continued to provide this service throughout COVID-19, with no disruption to new business or renewals. This is despite the changes the evictions process since the beginning of the pandemic, with new court processes, extended notice periods, and an evictions ban in place over winter 2020-2021 period. 

We’ll cover the eviction for rent arrears, serving the Section 8 notice, arranging a legal advocate, paying court costs and organising a bailiff. We’ll also evict for some other serious breaches. The main ones include subletting, illegal activity, unauthorised occupants and failure to vacate after a Section 21 notice - the case must have a 51% (or higher) chance of success in court, as determined by DAS Law.

This provides legal expenses and support where the tenant leaves with over £1,000 of damage in the property. Your deposit is used and then any damages over and above that amount will be chased through the money judgement process. Please be aware we need to be able to trace the tenant for you to benefit from this.