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Quick and simple referencing that gets you moving faster

Referencing is a standard part of the lettings process. We run a few checks to make sure you and your new home are a match. Your agent uses Goodlord to help make the process quick and easy so you can move into your property faster.

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Need some support with your referencing? Visit the help centre.

The referencing process

We’ll guide you through the referencing process every step of the way - letting you know which documents to upload and when.

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Step 1

Your agent will send you an email to start the Goodlord referencing process.

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Step 2

We’ll ask you to upload some personal information, residential history, income information and any other relevant documents.

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Step 3

We use bank-grade security and 128-bit encryption to protect your information and keep it secure.

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Step 4

Once you’ve provided us with all the info we need, we’ll start referencing and validating that information. We’ll also contact your referees.

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Step 5

If you have a guarantor, they will be able to provide their information in the same way through Goodlord Referencing.

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Step 6

We’ll send a final report to your agency once we have all of the necessary information so they can liaise with you on next steps.

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We’ll do the donkey-work and follow up with your referees to validate the information you’ve provided, so you don’t have to. If we don’t get a response from your referees, we’ll continue to chase them up for you so you can get moving quicker.

Goodlord platform on laptop and phone


Completing the referencing form is easy and you can do it from your mobile or laptop from anywhere in the world. It’s simple to upload documents and if you need to hunt for your passport, you can save the form and come back later.



Agents that use Goodlord are able to "pre-qualify" tenants before they go through referencing. This means that you can answer a lot of the questions you’d be asked during the process before starting referencing so you don’t waste your time on properties that might not be the right fit for you.