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Simple online referencing that gets you moving faster


Referencing is a standard part of the lettings process, to make sure you and your new home are a match - but that doesn’t mean your experience should be standard too. Your agent uses Goodlord to simplify the steps, so you can move into your property more quickly.

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What to expect from the referencing process


Your agent will send you an email to start the referencing process.


We’ll ask you to upload some personal information, your residential history, income information and other relevant documents, and we'd recommend our open banking option, to help you secure your new home faster.


We use bank-grade security and 128-bit encryption to protect your information and keep it secure.


Once you’ve provided us with all the information we need, we’ll start referencing and validating that information. We’ll also contact your referees.


If you have a guarantor, they’ll be able to provide their information in the same way through Goodlord referencing.


We’ll send a final report to your agency once we have all the necessary information so they can liaise with you on the next steps.

Key features


Easy uploads from anywhere


Completing the referencing form is easy - and you can do it from your mobile or laptop, from anywhere in the world. It’s simple to upload documents and, if you need to hunt for any information, you can save the form on the Goodlord platform and come back later.


Less chasing


We’ll help chase your referees to validate the information you’ve provided - so you can get into your new home more quickly, and with less hassle.


No wasted time


Your agent may use Goodlord to ask you some questions before you go through referencing. This means that you can answer a lot of the things you’d be asked during the process before starting the official process, so you don’t waste your time on properties that might not be the right fit for you.


Secure tech solutions


We’ll check your identity using the latest online identity verification software, with facial recognition, to validate your documents quickly and efficiently. And, if you choose to connect, we can use open banking to quickly and securely verify your income.

Frequently asked questions

Open banking is a secure way for you to share financial information directly from your bank, so you won't need to share any other documents to verify your income with us. It's backed by the UK Government, the EU and the Financial Conduct Authority, and is part of a global initiative designed to put you in control of your financial data, so you know what is shared and with whom. In referencing, we use this to see what you can afford and the financial commitments you currently have. Find out more.

Goodlord referencing uses an AI solution to offer you an online identity verification experience, to speed up the referencing process. The technology matches the photo in your identity documents to facial biometrics in the selfie requested, to validate the documents quickly and efficiently. Find out more.

If you’re self-employed, we’ll need to check a reference from your accountant or use documentation such as a tax return. For international self-employment, we’ll assess this only if earnings are declared on a UK tax return or with the HMRC via your accountant. We aren’t able to accept international tax returns at this time. Find out more.

You can let your referees and guarantors (if applicable) know in advance that they'll be contacted, and you can also ensure that you have relevant ID, proving your right to rent in the UK, and proof of your income or self-employment status.