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Rent Protection Insurance

Choose the award-winning experts in property protection and help protect your landlords from a loss of income with comprehensive insurance cover that goes further.

Our Rent Protection Insurance doesn’t just protect your landlord's rental income until vacant possession is obtained - it reduces admin for lettings agents as we manage the rent recovery and eviction process for you, with a speedy, online claims process and a unique, free mediation service.

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What does our policy cover?


Protection if the tenant doesn’t pay their rent until vacant possession is achieved.


We’ll pursue tenants on your behalf to recover outstanding rent from them.


Tenants who can’t meet the requirements of their tenancy agreement or squatters who are living in your landlord’s property without their consent will be evicted - and we’ll manage the legal proceedings.


Legal cover to pursue tenants for damage to the property of more than £1,000. Plus, up to £250 paid where the tenant causes damage to the property above and beyond the deposit amount.


The total amount payable in the event of a claim.


Cost and expenses for a dispute with a party whom you have a direct contractual relationship with.


If your landlord needs to move back into the property once vacant possession has been gained, we will pay for their alternative accommodation and storage costs for up to 30 day

"The extra protection is so valuable"

Samuel Fitz-Hugh - Settio

"We include the Rent Protection Service in all of our tenancies anyway. The current context is a great opportunity to show landlords why this extra protection is so valuable"

Key Features

Protect your landlords' rental income

Our in-house referencing team handles your references end-to-end. They are dedicated to giving you and your tenants a smooth journey, supported by the best technologies.

Our in-house experts are also on hand if you have any questions, and will proactively step in to ensure even the most complex of references are managed with ease

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Reduce admin

Our policy will manage the arduous admin that goes into recovering rent, or removing tenants or squatters from your landlord’s property - as well as covering any legal expenses.


Going through the claims process is seamless. You can start a claim directly in the Goodlord platform, so you don’t need to spend time gathering information and documents.

Get rewarded for offering more

Attract new landlords and protect your current customers by adding a rent guarantee to your managed service.

Our comprehensive policy and support team ensure your landlords have full peace of mind with a service that pays out until vacant possession, improving their experience with you and giving them a reason to return to you, year after year.

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Goodlord UI showing the status of insurance policies

Easily monitor the status of your policies

Monitor the status of your Rent Protection Insurance policies in your insurance dashboard directly through Goodlord's lettings platform - in real time.

Receive 24/7 expert support

The Letting Legal Advice Helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. They can provide you with legal advice on matters relating to the letting of the property.

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"Goodlord made it easy for us"

Alex Chapman - Anthony Lettings

"if it wasn't for Goodlord we wouldn't be offering insurance services. Goodlord's made it easy for us. Everything is on one platform, and the policies are second to none.

Frequently asked questions

What criteria does this insurance policy take into account?

This insurance policy is closely aligned with the criteria assessed in Goodlord’s comprehensive tenant referencing service, covering credit, residential history, identification, and income.

How do I make a claim?

The claims process through Goodlord is automated with the relevant documents hosted on the platform - saving you time and the hassle of pulling together large amounts of paperwork.

If the case includes rent arrears, we’ll also automatically contact any applicable tenants and guarantors to explain and advise on the next steps.

What should I look for when choosing a rent protection insurance policy?

Make sure you choose a rent protection insurance policy that's comprehensive enough to provide your landlords with peace of mind - read our blog for more information.

Book a no commitment call and find out how Goodlord will:

Save you hundreds of hours of admin time
Grow your agency without growing your headcount
Let you say goodbye to dealing with multiple suppliers
Maximise conversions on revenue-generation products
Reduce costly compliance risks to your business
Help you win more landlords with exclusive insights