Rent Protection & Legal Expenses Insurance

Rent protection insurance from Goodlord

More protection for your landlords, less admin for you

Protect your landlords from a loss of income by providing comprehensive cover that goes further. Our Rent Protection Insurance doesn’t just protect the landlord's rent - it reduces admin for our lettings agents as the rent recovery and eviction process is managed for you.

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Rent protection insurance from Goodlord

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

What's covered?

  • Rent Protection 
    Protection should the tenant not pay their rent.
  • Rent Recovery 
    We’ll pursue tenants on your behalf to recover outstanding rent from them.
  • Eviction of tenants or squatters 
    Tenants who are no longer able to meet the requirements of their tenancy agreement or squatters who are living in your landlords property without their consent will be evicted and we will manage the legal proceedings to do so.
  • Property damage 
    Legal cover to pursue tenants for damage to the property of over £1,000.
  • Legal expenses 
    Coverage up to £100,000 of legal expenses as well as legal defence in a criminal prosecution relating to the letting of the property and actions for unlawful discrimination.
  • Contract disputes 
    Cost and expenses for a dispute with a party whom you have a direct contractual relationship with.


Insurance shield

Protect your landlords

Competitive coverage starts from £2,500 per month all the way up to £15,000 for a 12 month policy. We’ll do all the necessary work on your behalf to recover any outstanding rent and ensure you don’t lose out during the process. Whilst your property is vacant, we’ll pay 75% of rent arrears for two months.


Reduce admin

Our policy includes management of many of the arduous administrative tasks that are involved when recovering rent or removing tenants or squatters from a property as well as covering legal expenses and admin.


Get rewarded for offering more

Attract more landlords by offering Rent and Legal Protection as part of your service and stand out from the competition with our comprehensive coverage.

Offer a better service

Offer a better service

By providing additional support and protection for your customers you can improve their experience with you, giving them a reason to return to you year after year.

Call centre

24/7 support

Our team of experts in the insurance department are just at the end of the phone and are ready to take your call no matter what time of day. Our team is trained in providing advice on commercial legal problems within UK and EU law.

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